SANAA x Ando 

Tadao Ando and SANAA reflect a similar architectural language which centres around an appreciation for minimalism and a tilt towards a natural sensibility. Their architecture is more often than not an elemental approach to the larger state of things; that aids in dissecting their singular design choices.
Since the initial illustrations were focused on an interpretation of the architect’s broader style, that’s what we carried onto the creation of our individual models.

Illustrations exchanged between Kuldeep Jangid (repping Tadao Aando) and Ishita Parmar (repping SANAA)

The process began with mapping out the rational similarities between Ando & SANAA.
This involved appropriating the elemental design sensibilities, which were : 2D Steps, Spheres and Voids.

Thus began an organic evolution and merging of form, applying the aforementioned elements while playing around with acute angles and rotating elements in 25 Cubes at 90 degrees.