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Tadao Ando x SANAA

Carlo Scarpa x John Hejduck

We started off by deconstructing our intial models into a kit of parts and used them as a pallete to paint a fresh new 3D canvas collectively.
Simultaneously we wrote a prelude to our fairytale of a model while passing on the files to each other. This generated a spiral loop of 4 participants, from different continents working in sync to 4 hour time slots.

Introduced into a place driven by loops,

'I' enter a world of understanding and insecurity; where they call out my bloops.
Life inside a reality that runs in the gear of hope to sustain in this mundane world,
Only to embrace the new, seeing it all re-emerge without just being hurled.

The fickleness of this life ensures a new pathway at each stage of the loop as 'we' move ahead.
Arising out of curiosity, anxiety and a fear of the garden;
'We' cautiously tread.

From I and me to we, the end of the tunnel never really arrives;
looking to clean the mess, understanding what’s necessary,
We only find another reason to thrive.

‘Ohh this concrete jungle, how do we escape?’
You'll never were, you'll never are, and you'll never will.
The paradox that defines the loop, throughwhich we scrape.
A new world, a new beginning and a new journey.

Kuldeep Jangid, Shravan Suresh, Ishita Parmar, Varun Mehta