Hejduk x Scarpa 

Our profession has always been extremely practical and technical with an aspiration to be perfect. Architects now have been experimenting with methods of fabrication, planning, construction, materials and geometry.
Hejduk tries to incorporate freedom and honesty by introducing experimental imagination in the process of architectural storytelling. It’s almost like he was obsessed with his dreams and visions and somehow wanted to translate that into reality.
He wrote more than he drew; and he wrote in the flow. His descriptions don’t seem to be planned, they might sound ambiguous. But, they lie somewhere in between fiction & dreams. John Hejduk was a time theorist. He has mentioned the freezing of time in almost all his projects. He tries to explore this through Still Life, Still Space and Still Time.
This non referential process of introspection was inspiring to witness through his work.

Illustrations exchanged between Shravan Suresh(repping John Hejduk) and Varun Mehta (repping Carlo Scarpa)

After reading on Scarpa, the idea was to initiate multiple geometries fabricated into one monolith base model. The first stage followed Scarpa’s process of making a lot of drawings and perspectives, replicating the same in the model.

With an exchange of the models and interpretation of the architects (John Hejduk x Carlo Scarpa), the process continued, merging the two in loops and progress. Understanding the thought behind each model, rules were set at the end of every loop to be followed; where every rule meant new parameters to be explored. Misunderstandings, time-management, elimination and additions at every stage helped in collaborating on the unknown, giving a lot of importance to the process without belittling the existing components.