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Ito x Corbusier 

Architecture translates as a particularly delicate balance between space and time.
It’s a language that transcends the idea of limitations; reflecting in innumerable ways.

Illustrations exchanged between Nayan Mote (repping Le Corbusier) and Ishita Parmar (repping Toyo Ito)

Toyo Ito has gradually developed and perfected a personal architectural syntax, which combines structural and technical ingenuity with formal clarity. His forms do not comply with either a minimalist or a parametric approach.
Le Corbusier’s philosophy was as much about function as form. Much of his work centred on how good architecture can affect social landscapes too. His designs combined functionalism with bold sculptural expressionism. There’s almost all contemporary theory essentially acting as a continuation of, or a rejection of, his ideals.
There was a deliberate settlement of a limitation of time as we approached our process; targeting a single loop of exertion of thought and execution; this model emerged as a truly syndicated ideal.
The process and the elemental bifurcations existed as a single entity on a mutually developed canvas.