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Tadao Ando x Charles Correa

Toyo Ito x Le Corbusier

Cities Crumbling, Envisioning Empires.

In the confines of our never-ending thoughts,
We envision a world free of naught.
It encapsulates the foretellings of a past forgotten,
and moulds it into a truth begotten.

A city of the future, where nothing is as it seems, and your notion of reality will be challenged at each point.
A particle settlement, deformed and fragmented by the play of external factors that governed it.
Orchestrated by the idiosyncratic whims of our mind, this space exists as a reflection of a constantly evolving dynamic.
Multiple universes collide within one capacity; with portals used to travel and engage.

The process began with a focus on space and the establishing of rules. Working with translating the initial models, we wanted to create a narrative that reflected each of our interpretations onto the canvas equally.
Applying this to theory, the existing space was divided into four quadrants with the models being focused as elemental entities. Each quadrant was worked upon without any notions of influence while focusing on an uniquely designed output.

We then focused on merging the singular spaces created into a single landscape.
Cycling through two loops of passing the model from one participant to another gave us an anonymously created visual experience. Each loop was accompanied with a set of rules which weren’t enclosed to the other participants.
Thus, what began as four abstract takes on a naked canvas, culminated as an infinite reflection with no distinction whatsoever.


Sneha Desai, Janhavi Shinde, Devarsh Seth, Nayan Mote