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Archigram x Baeza 

Campo Baeza had simplicity marked all over his projects.
Geometrically rigid forms, interplay of portal frames and proportionate play of voids were key characters of his buildings visible through following compositions.

Archigram was the most radical group of architects of their time.
Walking city, Instant city, Capsule city, Plug-in city were well known futuristic concepts represented by them. Structural fragments were abstracted to represent their futuristic ideology through following forms.

Illustrations exchanged between Anuj Modi (repping Archigram) and Siddhesh Kadam (repping Alberto Campo Baeza)

Baeza reflected minimal & clinical simplicity. Whereas, Archigram implemented a complex, radical, intricate and fragmented design philosophy.
The juxtaposition of these clashing ideals were explored in form by reversing their visual feel and implementing in various spatial explorations.