Faizan Khatri

Devarsh Sheth
Sashank Ahuja
Sneha Desai
Yash Pendse
Advaita Kelkar
Varun Mehta


Initiated through a group gathering on Sundays, VNDLS‘ objective is to discuss and map out issues relating to the future of local environments.
Instead of using “awareness” as a design trigger, the group focuses its goals towards vandalizing for the good.
This allows us to put conscious focus on social design through quick guerrilla actions into our local urban landscape.

We intend to design alternate beneficial systems for humans, that investigate local issues which the group collectively identifies. This enables us to transition change in bits and pieces into the society, rather than providing temporary solutions to a long-standing problem. 

2020 //
Our first project is called “The Initiative” which looks at animal centric design. Here we are experimenting with human and stray animal interaction around Mumbai.
It is guided by Faizan Khatri, who has been involved in animal welfare and rescue all his life. His selfless deeds towards strays has not only inspired all of us, but also ignited empathy towards their well being.

To look beyond awareness of local environmental issues, through Guerrilla Urban Interventions.

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This project is a WIP and is currently being documented.
It is only accesible by our participants and patrons for the time being.
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