Peter Zumthor x Robert Venturi

Carlo Scarpa x Toyo Ito

Four minds left astray on a blank canvas; the journey shouldn’t have been this easy but, somehow it was. What started as the combining of 2 models; abstract and distant, resulted in a monolithic space - with no distinction and no divide.
Architecture transforms as a conversation of the varied fantasies of our mind. The tilting of the delicate fabric that traverses through this multi dimensional expanse, builds the nature of this space.
Each loop reflected a mere whimsy, constructing a Garden of Eden encapsulated within a Temple; calm and chaos, abundant & ever present.

After understanding the essence of each pair’s individual design language there was attempt to work with the translations of the respective architects idealogies.

The interweaving of these values was essential to the core of the space we were constructing.

Rolling the dice, here’s the Game of Life.
Adapting the 4 Pillars as the rules on which our playboard lay; we build our space around them.

These acted as constants throughout:
1. Counterbalance.
2. Inbetween Solid and Void
3. Illusion.
4. Time.

Then began the process of looping and creating.
Days were split evenly between the four members of the group,with a certain unique narrative manufactured to navigate the process and spin the space.

Sneha Desai, Jinal Wadgama, Sohil Soni, Varun Mehta