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Sajid Wajid Sheikh
Shivani Gangwal 
Shikha Kanakia
Priyanka Pablo
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Advaita Kelkar
Varun Mehta

PCHKR is an understanding of colour, which finds its roots in doodles of water guns that were converted to single stroke line drawings. The study started of as a quest to understand colour combinations while composing colours into these water guns.
Inspired by the paintings of Van Gogh and movie frames of Wes Anderson, this study was redirected to focus more on recognising the importance of colour proportion.
Saajid Wajid Sheikh guided us by saying that colour combinations are usually based of off the feeling and availability in that moment of time. This recognition of composition and proportion is what expanded our visual lens of interpretation.

Digital illustrations of the coloured guns were converted into physical print media in collaboration with a local printing service by investigating the sync between digital printing and plotter machines.

The end result being 3 different Water Guns/ Pichkaris (hindi) projected in the year 2018. Each gun expressed in 45 variating colour schemes. Distributed in form of individual stickers amongst loved ones.

To map and study the proportions involved while combining colours.


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