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Open Source Design is the development of ideas without the retention of intellectual property. The goal of this library is to propagate a community of designers that are enthusiastic to selfless creation.

The Design Library is supported by Maker’s Asylum and Raw Collaborative.

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This Open Source Design Library is a by product of our experimental study called,
The 4th Dimension.
The objective is to use locally available materials consciously with minimum wastage. While promoting a DIY culture of making.

It has been formulated by a pool of designers that have come together and created this compilation of various objects and products. They range from furniture pieces, installations, modular shelters, jewellery, animal pods, and lighting.

The first collaboration took place in May 2020. Where 12 designers connected virtually, during the COVID 19 Lockdown for a month long exchange of conversations, ideas and processes.
Designers involved:
Nayan Mote, Yash Pendse, Siddhesh Kadam, Faizan Khatri, Arko Saha, Varun Mehta, Shashank Ahuja, Samir Raut, Saumya Mutneja, Ashish NR, Dhruv Chavan, Harshita Jhamtani.

The library is being curated by ARC.HV and is open to external submissions.

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You are free to:
Copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format

Remix, transform, and build upon the material

Under the following terms: Attribution
You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

You may not use the material for commercial purposes

No additional restrictions
You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.
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The Nudron Shelf
A Modular Shelving structural system. The design consists of 6 different repititve parts, composed in a single 8’x4’ plywood sheet.
The method of construction does not require tools, glue or screws.

Size: 1875(l) x 395(b) x 830(h) mm
Material: Plywood (12.5mm thick)
File Format: DXF

Designed by Varun Mehta

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mod - pod is a temporary and portable
cabin structure which is constructed out of
flat-pack and easy to assemble parts
for mobile and short-term situations.

Size: 8’(l) x 3.75’(b) x 7’(h)
Material: Plywood
File Format: DXF

Designed by Siddhesh Kadam (studio 823)

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House of Cards
Build before you discard. All you need is a deck of plastic playing cards. These playing give cards gives you a scope to build a bird-house to hang outside your window for sheltering small birds like sparrows. 13 combinations of interlocked cards can house a bird.

Size: 6” CUSQ
Material: Playing Cards
File Format: PDF

Designed by Yash Pendse 

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Paper Jewellery.
Tiny Paper Kund.
A smol lil orkie.

Size: 1.5” 
Material: 200GSM Paper
File Format: PDF

Designed by Arko Saha

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4Xdine was designed keeping sustainability in mind where, the least amount of material was used with minimum wastage, to create a set of furniture that can be used by as many people as possible. It comprises of one table and four stools made out of just one sheet of plywood. The 2D parts made of this sheet material make it easier to transport.

Size: 1200(l) x 800(b) x 770(h) mm
Material: 18mm thk Plywood
File Format: DXF

Designed by Nayan Mote

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Temporary Feline Foster Home
A temporary foster home for rescue cats that have been designed to have minimal carbon-footprint, from the choice of material to the manufacturing process and minimal transport requirements and can be easily assembled without any tools or glue. This product is made from recycled paper and is biodegradable.

Size: 450(l) x 250(b) x 350(h) mm
Material: Corrugated Card (2.5mm thick)
File Format: DXF

Designed by Shashank Ahuja

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A mask that attaches to the frames of specs or sunglasses. Encourage making instead of hoarding.
Have fun, stay safe, make-a-mask.

Size: NA
Material: Reused Fabric
File Format: PDF

Designed by Dhruv Chavhan

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Pop-Up Table
An origami foldable table That can be easily assembled or collapsed into a flat sheet as required.

Size: 1000(l) x 1200(b) x 350(h) mm
Material: 7MM thk Corrugated Cardboard
File Format: DWG + STL

Designed by Ashish NR

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Step Wall Light
A stacked wall light created by using plywood (also the perfect solution to the leftover materials on interior sites). The light can be made from a wide range of materials with endless possibilities. The product comes together in 8 parts which are mirrored and a base plate.

Size: 200mm x 200mm
Material: Refurbished Plywood
File Format: DXF

Designed by Harshita Jhamtani

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The Scale Pack Sheet
This system attempts to reduce the amount and space consumed by conventional packaging methods. The sheet adapts to multiple objects, varying in size and shape while remaining reusable. The method explores the role of stabilizing the whole form using interlocking clips made from the same material.

Size: A3
Material: Tyvek paper
File Format: PDF and DXF

Designed by Saumya Mutneja

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Working from home and online meetings has become a new normal in this pandemic. One disadvantage of attending such online webinars and meetings is letting others peep in our home, which is quite annoying sometimes!  This simple product can block the side views and can also block the camera to prevent malware to record and invade our privacy unauthorisedly.

Size:  45-50(l) x 30(b) x 30(h) mm
Material: 18mm thk ply
File Format: DWG

Designed by Rahul Malandkar (apt-studio)

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The ALTER is about transformation. It calls upon the trend of upcycling, or creative reuse, in order to transform waste into a new product. An obtuse television cardboard box is transformed into something sleek, sturdy and unique. The ALTER’s design is angular, mirroring the cardboard box that it's made from, but softened through the sleek slenderness of the design.

Size: 340(l) x 480(b) x 630(h) mm 
Material: 6.25mm thk corrugated card
File Format: DWG

Designed by Amaory Portorreal

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EXO.4 is a DIY modular exoskeleton system for specially abled animals facilitating natural movement mimicing mobility as well as physio stimulations

Size:  NA
Material: ABS plastic
File Format: STL

Designed by Faizan Khatri (

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A DIY modular chess kit that can be played by a pair or 3-4 players. An attempt to make not so easily available chess modules, buildable, at a very minimal cost.

Size: NA 
Material: Carboard or acrylic or MDF + Paper
File Format: DXF

Designed by Siddhant Bothra (XYZ Designs)

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This organiser is here for you to less your  stuff in  your  desk.You   don't  have to  waste  time  in   finding   other  objects  to organize  your  pencils,  pens,  rulers,  erasers  etc. It's   eco friendly   because  it is  made   of   cardboard    and   easy   to manufacture.  You  have only  to  fold   a  paper   measuring 30x27cm three times and it’s ready! Stable and easy  to take  it with you wherever you go, it can hold your phone too!

Size:  30cm x 27cm x 1.5mm
Material: Card
File Format: dwg

Designed by Jenny Andritsou

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A small table near a window (or TV) can become a site for many activities at different times; a place to eat, to study, as a footrest, an extension of a kitchen platform and at night, a clearing to place a mattress. In this context, Furniture templates attempt to offer a larger imagination of space, time and scale in the vector space of Autocad. 

Size: NA
Material: NA
File Format: Dwg

Designed by Chandani Patel

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